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It's not just about technology, digital transformation is a collaboration mindset

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Digitization of production chains and workforce in Mexico

The FábricaDigital community platform is the interactive collaborative space of the digital innovation ecosystem for manufacturing in Mexico.

Manufacturing SMEs

By accessing a specialized ecosystem, manufacturing companies will have the opportunity to meet and take advantage of new digital technologies to develop new business models, increase their products' added value, and successfully join the fourth industrial revolution: Industry 4.0.

Technology Companies

Technology companies will have a unique showcase to offer their products and services to an ecosystem of manufacturing companies that want to transform digitally. It is a space to test new technologies and develop products and services according to market demands.

Mentoring and Consulting Network

Digital transformation and innovation consulting companies will be able to be part of an international network of services and specialized training in digital transformation. They will also access methodologies, cases, and proven models to support manufacturing companies in their digital transformation process.


Participating accelerators will access a community of high-potential manufacturing and technology companies. The acceleration services will have strategic information from the companies to adjust proposals tailored to the participating companies' needs and level of maturity.

Research Institutes and Universities

In an ecosystem focused on solving digital transformation challenges, universities and research centers will be able to participate in alliances with technology and manufacturing companies to develop solutions. Preferentially, the pilot projects defined by the companies will have access to funds and specialized consulting if they do so in alliance with this type of organization.

Public and support organizations

Government organizations, NGOs, and investment funds supporting SMEs, manufacturing, and technology companies can offer services to an ecosystem of companies stratified according to their maturity level and interest in digitally transforming themselves. In addition, governments will have access to strategic information from companies in their regions to create specialized support models.

Mexico is the most important manufacturing hub in Latin America, accounting for more than 80% of the region's high-tech exports. But the transformation challenge is enormous as the country's ecosystem of world-class companies is rapidly transforming, and the productivity gap with SME companies is widening. FábricaDigital is a bridge that takes advantage of exponential technologies to bring SMEs closer to global value chains and closes their digital gap.




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